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DameDot Heats Things Up On "F*** YO SUMMER" (DELUXE)

The highest performers in any industry will tell you that hard work beats talent every day of the week. For a case study of this concept, look no further than Empire signee, DameDot.

Dame kicked 2022 off with a 25-track album titled Umbrella Again, which received praise from the likes of Pitchfork and DJ Booth. Since then, the Motor City native has kept his foot on the gas, keeping his focus on the music and keeping his followers fed.

Adding to an already fruitful year of music, Dame came back with F**k Yo Summer. Standing at 29 songs, the project is a flurry of jabs and packs intense haymakers. Tracks like Indictment Diamonds weave seamlessly between slick talk and introspection, leaving the listener with something new to stumble upon with every listen. As impressive as his output has been, he's far from done.

DameDot has unveiled the F**k Yo Summer DELUXE edition which will be streaming on all platforms. As the Detroit sound continues to permeate mainstream hip-hop, Dame's demonstration of that signature cadence and production couldn't have come at a better time. A highlight of the album is Speed Limit. DameDot raps in the signature Detroit drill cadence that many other cities started to pick up in the past year. His smooth delivery gives the perfect balance to the aggressive and ominous production. Between his growing body of work and outreach via various businesses and charity programs, Detroit most certainly has a champion to rally around.

Suffice to say that in the matter of work versus talent, DameDot chooses both.

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Written by Geronimo (Instagram/Twitter)

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