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Delph Talks About His Newest Single "FEEL THE SAME II"

Delph is a VA native artist that knows how to pave his own sound and vision. Just last year he was an "up and coming" artist that dropped his first EP. Today, Delph is back with some heat with a new music video for his latest single FEEL THE SAME II, which will be the second lead single off of his upcoming debut studio album dropping in the near future titled LIVE LOVE DELPH.

Just last year I covered Delph's single titled All I Know. Throughout the past year Delph has managed to maintain and hone his sound, and it's evident in this new single. The adlibs, flow, and even the track itself screams Delph! The music video matched the vibe of the song perfectly. The city views, visuals, and editing did not disappoint. Delph's team really knows how to flawlessly execute these visions!

As for the meaning and breakdown of the song, let's hear a bit from Delph himself!

Vy: What inspired you to write FEEL THE SAME II?

Delph: This is really one of those songs that just came to me after I was stressing about a lot of things I had going on in life: issues with family, where I’m at with myself, and my past relationship. I just wanted to put all of these feelings into a song. The hook is something people can really relate to. A lot of shit in life just don't feel the same anymore and my goal was just to help that kid out there that's trying to figure it out like me through music.

Vy: What was the vision you had for FEEL THE SAME II?

Delph: This video was an idea I had in my head for awhile, scene by scene. I brought it to my brother, Mao, and he was really the one who brought it to life. We go for more cinematic clean visuals and a certain look. I'm really picky because I believe in timeless stuff. The video, the song, and the beat has to be something that you can play in 10 years and still catch that same feeling. I love this video cause it's really just me venting the whole time, but we made that shit look amazing.

Vy: What's the main message you hope listeners take away from your song?

Delph: I start off the song with “ion need no one / do this shit myself” cause I really just feel like I don’t need any help or handouts. I have a reason to turn nothing into something ,and that's all I need to keep going because I'll find a way regardless. I go on to talk about my mom and her situation and just how I do so much to provide everything she might need in life. It feels like I’m on a time limit sometimes so it's now or never. That was just my message to her that I hope listeners can understand.

Delph has an undeniable flow and sound that you can't miss. As a fan of Delph's for over a year now, it is clear to see his progress and growth while he manages to stay true to his own roots and musicality. Stay tuned for Delph's upcoming debut album LIVE LOVE DELPH and be sure to stream FEEL THE SAME II!


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