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DIAMONDdotmedia attempts to take film to new levels with 2 day workshop

Jordan Gonzalez, Ryan Harris and the DIAMONDdotmedia team have been making noise in the music industry. They have been bringing an elite level of film to the scene with high quality videography and an immense amount of knowledge of lighting, editing, framing, and color grading. They have really pushed the envelope and put pressure on the rest of the industry.

Working with acts like Foogiano, Kahri1k, Noah O + more. Now they are looking to give back to other videographers and content creators alike with a two day workshop. The DIAMONDdotmedia two day Music Video Production Workshop is designed to submerge attendees into a collaborative & educational environment

The DIAMONDdotmedia two day Music Video Production Workshop is designed to submerge attendees into a collaborative, educational environment revolving around the fundamentals of Music Video Production. Taught by DP & Director Jordan Gonzalez, the owner of DIAMONDdotmedia, this two day workshop is designed to give you all the fundamental tools and knowledge needed to start producing and directing your own projects or take them to the next level.

This DIAMONDdotmedia workshop will teach you how to utilize any camera & lighting set up at your disposal to maximize the quality of your productions. Whether your a solo shooter working with a DSLR and small lighting package or you are shooting on cinema cameras with a grip team, this class will supply you with the tools and knowledge needed to take your projects to the next level. Register today! There is only room for the first 20 students to sign up!

The workshop will show you the optimal process to go through when choosing camera settings, composition, and camera movement to convey the intended emotion of every frame.

Using our Warehouse Studios 2020 production facility, we will give attendees an exclusive behind the scenes experience as we shoot an actual music video for a nationally accredited recording artist. We will be working on a new music video for Noah-O on day 2 of the workshop. Please note: Day 2 of this workshop will consist of a real music video shoot that will be designed on Day 1 and locations/schedule for Day 2 are subject to change.



Written by OG ILLA (@HLGNLIFE)

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