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DJ Harrison's New Single "City Lights" Dazzles and Illuminates

Prolific producer and multi-instrumentalist from the 804, DJ Harrison has dropped his latest single, a two song release called City Lights. The two tracks are of course, City Lights and Be Better. Both songs are genre-fusing and fit perfectly when played back to back.

City Lights is a groovy, sensual, R&B-infused track with a warbling synth and electric guitar guiding the song's mood. The only vocals are a wordless hum that only shows up occasionally through the song's near three-minute runtime. It feels like Thundercat and Jimi Hendrix had a musical baby. This song is perfect on a late-night car drive or rainy day. The layers of the song feel so timeless, if you had told me the song had been released in 1975 or 2021 I would've believed you either way.

Be Better is more upbeat, funky, with drums and guitar both setting the tempo rather than the mood this time around. This song is much more vocal, with A longing hook of "I just wanna be better" really adds to the urgency of the song, I feel a Mac Miller vibe emanating from it. The level of detail here should come as no surprise for an artist consistently putting out music since 2010 (and possibly much more even earlier than that). Not only has DJ Harrison received acclaim and success as a solo artist, his band Butcher Brown has proved to be just as talented. Within the last two years, Butcher Brown has: recorded the live instruments for ESPN's Monday Night Football theme song, wrapped up a European tour, and performed for NPR's Tiny Desk Concert. A single like City Lights will in time prove to be another great genre-hybrid release, rather than a rare instance of lightning in a bottle.

Stream City Lights here.

Follow DJ Harrison on IG & Twiter: @djharrisonrva

Follow the band Butcher Brown on IG: @butcherbrown & on Twitter: @butcherBRWN and check out their website here.

Written by Max Olarinde, @mobeige1 on all social media

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