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DMV Manifests Abundance In Newest Single "Zahir"!

DMV is a twenty-year-old rapper hailing from Dallas, Texas. His newest single Zahir is the first single dropping to build up anticipation for the December release of his new tape Shoot For The $tarz.

DMV wrote this song about two years ago while he was living out of his car. The cover photo of his single highlights this, as he is seen posing over the sunset on top of his car. The song name itself, Zahir, has a definition of manifesting external forces and the enlightenment of people through your influence. For this reason, it is evident that this is a special song to him.

The beat was produced by @iamkasire. It's super chill and dreamy, with lovely piano chords allowing for the track to flow. DMV then pours his heart and feelings out over the track with meaningful and deep lyrics.

"Money on my mind, my motivation, that's my fucking motive." - DMV

Stream "Zahir" and other tracks from DMV HERE!

Follow DMV on Instagram: @dmvxci

Written by Vy Truong, @avocavy on IG

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