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Don't Miss Out On Cane's "Breathing Underground"

Taking it back to the basics, before the autotune, is Cane bringing with him the experience of battle rapping and quick spitting. In the past, he has held his own on Southpaw Battle coalition as a battler and even performed for several platforms like the RVA Rap Elite and Shade 45 Radio. He takes ownership of his own flow he calls out, “this ain’t for the radio, this is for the underground,” on a verse in the new song Grind House. It’s not just about appeasing the underground crowd. He’s about the impact and you can find the potential for that on his latest project: Breathing Underground.

This ten-track collaborative album is filled with an array of verses from features like Vintage, DJ Ragz, Radio B, Cole Hicks, and Nickelus F. Everything can’t be about the fast cars and the easy money either, since not everyone lives that; and Cane brings what he knows and his interpretation of how the world plays out around us in tight rhythmically laid out bars. There's so much context in each song that you can't passively listen to it unless you're okay with replaying it over and over again.

Make sure to check out the Grindhouse video and the rest of Breathing Underground here.


@caneisthename on Instagram

Written by Arianna Rackham, @ariannarackham on Instagram.


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