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DONDA: Live Listening Event by Kanye West

DONDA: Live Listening Event

Kanye West – The Professor Snape Of HipHop Culture

The DONDA: Live Listening event was the precipice of sensory overload. It started two hours late, but that only built the anticipation for the chaos which was surely bound to ensue. With plenty of time for people to grab a few drinks from the many different bars, that were easily accessible, from all over the beautiful new stadium, and get settled into their seats, the crowd had already sent the wave around the stadium several times, no delta, before the music even started.

The available merch was grabbed up almost immediately. People everywhere were rockin with the paper, church-styled fans that were given out upon entry. They unfolded to a picture of Kanye. Unfortunately, about 8 of the ones I had been given, seemed to disappear each time I went to grab a drink. The shirts were straight out of Kanye’s playbook; simplistic designs that inspire. The particular design that was used on the DONDA shirts, had been inspired by the Miracle Whip Tees, that had previously been approved by Kanye for the College Dropout Tour. The Miracle Whip Tee, originally designed by Andrew Barber (@fakeshoredrive) and the shirts sold at the DONDA event, both had the Mercedes Benz Logo across the front. The new ones did have a picture of a childhood DONDA, Kanye’s mother, which people around the stadium were saying, that that would probably be the cover art. Those shirts were being resold for $500 in the section I was in.

To be honest, when the music started, the entire place was going nuts, which made it slightly hard to hear. As soon as the fans could decipher who was featuring on a track, the enthusiastic roars of a packed stadium seemed to drown out the rest of the verse. During a drink run, I was able to watch on the apple app. The sound quality through the app made it a lot easier to understand the lyrics. Shoutout to the stadium Wi-Fi by AT&T, which was surprisingly fast.

Listening back to some of the videos I took, I was thinking about how Kanye is basically breaking down on his knees, exclaiming to the world, that he’s losing his family. In front of Kim and his family. At the time the place was hyped and excited, but when it all falls down, it’s hard not to feel for the guy. Turning his pain to such beautiful music is nothing new to Kanye. It did, however, make me wonder how hip-hop’s or even pop’s most successful artist, ends up like this.

While pondering upon the trajectory of Kanye’s career path, especially over the last 10 years, I couldn’t help but notice how similar it was to the story line of Professor Snape, a character of extreme importance in the Harry Potter series.

Never would I have imagined that the son of DONDA, would be donning the racist rhetoric of Donald. Kanye told Fader Magazine in 2017 that by modifying the brim he had fixed the hat, exclaiming that he made it his, a symbol of positive energy. Even pairing it in public with a Kaepernick sweater, never really seemed to properly transfer the vibes Kanye was seeking to exosome, amongst the people.

Even through all the backlash, Kanye even went as far as stating, “From now on I’m performing with my motherfucking hat on,” in a 2019 tweet. This following a White House meeting with Jim Brown and former President Trump. All these moves seemed to be setting the stage for Kanye’s 2020 presidential run. This run may have been the final straw to break the camel’s back, regarding his marriage, but if nothing else, the tactics he was using, seemed to be working. Ye seemed to have taken a drastic change in how he viewed the republican party. This was the same Kanye that told the world how he felt about George Bush. Now he was being welcomed, behind enemy lines.

Lyor Cohen even took a lot of heat for a 2018 selfie with Kanye, that went viral. Mr. West, who had been wearing the MAGA lid, was embracing two white men, one of which seemed to be throwing up white power gang signs. This sign is prevalent in many circles that have been linked to white supremist views, but Lyor, like many others explained that it was just the universal symbol that everything is OKAY. Kanye saw it all as just a pass to slide, where he once had never been granted access to. He even claims that the MAGA hat makes things OKAY when he slides, in Ye vs. The People.