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DoubleYou Drops "DOUBLEMADNESS!" On 2/22/22!

DoubleYou gives fans a triple entendre by dropping two new singles titled Hampton Freestyle and Say Grace (ft. Tobias) on 2/22/22! This project was produced by Logan Walker and engineered by @grammysolo and @empressrav_. Both tracks on this project radiated DoubleYou's creativity and vibe as an artist and lyricist.

Hampton Freestyle started off heartfelt and mellow, but it began to vibe out towards the middle as the beat started to pick up. DoubleYou was very comfortably riding out the beat while rapping witty and deep bars. I loved that he was able to rap about serious issues such as unity and "prospering on this batshit planet" in a way that was relatable to the audience. The adlibs on this were the cherry on top!

Say Grace is the perfect fiery track to balance out the chilled out vibe of Hampton Freestyle. I loved how each transition was very conversational, as if they were tag teaming against someone else. Overall, I got a great impression of DoubleYou just from listening to his two newest songs!

"Second thing's second, I don't ever come in second."

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Written by Vy Truong, @avocavy on IG

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