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Editorial: Al-Doms, Peter $un, and Smyth Are "On The Run" In Upcoming Tour

Three of the waviest artists to hail from the commonwealth, Norfolk's Al-Doms along with Richmond's own Peter $un, and Smyth [formerly known as Smyth Knight] are On The Run in a tour sponsored by Move Forward Music. Al-Doms is having a monumental year from his Mick Foley cosign due to his Mr. Perfect Freestyle and his upcoming appearance at the EDL Hip-Hop Carnival out in Norfolk. He is looking to maintain the pace in this tour. Smyth has been performing all throughout Richmond and along with a long-time RVA staple, Peter $un, the trio is going to be in cities like Brooklyn, DC, Richmond, and Norfolk.

- The Brooklyn show is taking place on 10/16 at Friends and Lovers

- The DC show will be on 10/17 at The Pocket

- The Richmond show is taking place 10/21 at Collective RVA (Home of TheMSQShop)

- The Norfolk show will occur on 10/24 at ChiCho's Backstage

You can get the tickets and preorder the merch for the tour on

You can follow the artists on all social media @scummysunny @smythknight and @al_doms