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Editorial/Interview: Robbie Russell is ready for the industry

Updated: Jul 14, 2021

Robbie Russell is killing it on Tik Tok. I mean he continues to go viral with every new video he drops and he's racking up millions of views and hundreds of thousands followers across social media. He remixes trending songs and does it with character he created in his home studio. AND IT WORKS!

Where many artists struggle building a fan base out of their own music, Robbie has built a huge following on Tik Tok with his singing skills and he's doing it while having fun.

But that isn't all Robbie has to offer, we recently sat down to talk about his most recent EP "Cupid's Target" and its evident from listening to this project, Robbie Russell is ready for the industry in every aspect. He has a great ear for production, he can write lyrics at an elite level and this guy can sing!

He has songs like "8ighty" where he states his passion and love for music prevails over all and that he's actually found peace in solitude. Short and straight to the point. He continues this sentiment with tracks like "Blood Shot" and then battles his feelings with "Not A Soul" where he dives into the struggle of being conflicted with wanting love but still keeping his promises to self.

My personal favorite is "ICY" because you not only get a unique and diverse sound from Robbie but you also get moments of how impressive his vocal range really is. Insane. On repeat.