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Editorial: Peter $un x Al Doms are exactly what VA music scene needs (Show Recap)

Updated: Jul 14, 2021

You Wasn’t There.

I don’t know if you’ve had the experience of going back outside since things with COVID-19 have (kinda) eased up a bit due to the release of the vaccines, but man was I excited to be back into the mix.

Richmond’s own “The Spot”, an apparel store by day turned venue in the heart of West Broad Street, hosted the likes of two Virginia icons, Al Doms and Peter $un. In a special 2 shows, back to back event, which was sold out within minutes of each time they sold tickets, put on an incredible show. I was personally lucky enough to go to the 9pm showing, the 2nd of the two shows.

At around 9:45, Al Doms took the stage and was nothing but incredibly hype. I’m a sort of budding Doms fan, though being familiar with the name. My favorite moment of his was having the crowd thinking of a person who truly had them fucked up and made us scream “Fuck Ya’ll, Fuck Ya’ll” back to him! And while many in front of me knew every word to his songs, he did take a moment of silence to tribute the slaying of Donovan Lynch at the hands of the Virginia Beach Police Department.

To the end the night, we have Peter $un. I’ve been a fan of his since I attended his rooftop album listening party, which had to be almost 5 years ago! In Peter $un fashion, we find him kicking the inflatable palm trees, getting excited to see fans vibe with him, and even got a giant inflatable beach ball involved, which I actually ended up swatting into a light fixture... (sorry Alex and Cam). With assistance from DJ Gringo and Artae, he performed some of my favorites such as “Pray4Me”. It’s always an experience watching Sunny. He always doing nothing but having a good time.

Many minds came together for this event. With clothing by Means TM, and coordination by Slapdash and WeAreVA, along with others, these guys put on an incredible show that made a fellow promoter inspired to get back to work and get us all back outside again. Here’s truly something in the water here in Virginia, and with nights like this, we show it time and time again.

Written by Niq Bohr x OG ILLA

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