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Elijah Bank$y Dazzles With Music Video for "BIRD ON MONEY"

Rapper from Orange County, NY, Elijah Bank$y has recently dropped a single and accompanying visual, Bird on Money. The visual is stuffed with distortions, effects making it feel like a VHS found footage tape you'd find in the woods, and that is a compliment. A testament to the visual world brought forth to complement the sound, a twisted piano riff with slurring delivery through repeated lines like "Summertime shine through the window, nowadays I'm chillin' wit' my kinfolk..." The beat stutters and glitches but never wavers, and makes for a very laidback sound that underground hip hop has been known to cultivate.

A second song that came with the single is TENFOLD. The beat for this is much more concise, piano with minimalist drumline. The flow is quicker, BPM is raised, and Elijah manages to fit a lot of subject matter considering it's a 1:38 song. A single like this is just another link in the chain for an artist with four albums released in the last four years, consistency is the standard, and quality is the expectation.

Stream BIRD ON MONEY & TENFOLD on Bandcamp here.

Follow Elijah Bank$y on IG here.

Written by Max Olarinde, @mobeige1 on all social media.

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