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Eric.Champloo. Brings "FLWRS" To Cuffing Season

Cuffin’ season is approaching and the vibes will be curated by Eric.Champloo. FLWRS is a bouquet of beats inspired by a muse the artist describes as “someone special”.

“I just wanted to show my appreciation for her so I decided to make her a beat tape kind of like how n****s used to make mixtapes for their crushes back in the day. She really inspired the whole thing. Shoutout shorty yah mean”

Displaying his signature style, the project oozes of nostalgic samples, black romance, and vulnerability. Champloo states “every beat has an emotion” and it's proven on records such as ButterCup and TO:BRIANA.

FLWRS also serves as an ode to Black women, allowing his use of creativity to position himself as an ally and confidant.

“Black women deal with so much and I feel like their voices aren’t heard enough. I just wanted to make something for them. Like yo LameDuck Records thinks you are awesome.”

The project is paired with a limited edition t-shirt release inspired by the artist’s sister. He states, “I just wanted a design that she would like to wear”.

When asked for final words Eric.Champloo. had this to say, “also Jesus was Black, Donald Trump is the devil, and the government is lying about 9/11”.

FLWRS is out now on all streaming platforms.

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Written by: hoodxbuddha. (@hoodxbuddha on all social media)

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