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Event: Da Lock In - Series 2

There’s no where to go once the door locks behind the few brave enough to step into Da Lock-In. North Carolina’s Premiere battle rap consortium, Hunger Gamez presents another one of its highly anticipated & fiercely regarded editions of Da Lock-In.

Featuring some of the biggest names in battle rap as well as the hungriest up and comers of the new era, this setting has proven to separate the weak from the intrepid on all levels!

On April 24th, Some of the most elite competitors will step into BattleRap’s most fearsome & threatening setting to date.

Close quarters setting, decked out with chains, caution tape, & very limited lighting,

battlers will have to succumb to the fear of no escape once the doors are closed & locked!

Who can really RAP?!

This setting gives answers like no other!

Find out who can survive!

You don’t want to miss this!!!

Lp vs Swavatar Jack

King Stokes vs Uncle NeeNee

Punchline vs Iceburg

Cok3 vs Insight

T-Gunz vs Myzery

Kid Deph vs Pretty Good

Spade vs Quban

Young Kannon vs XO

Written by OG ILLA

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