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"Tonight, You Belong To Me" Introduces The World To The Duo Fam Likely

Fam Likely is a funk rap duo consisting of San Bernardino MCs/vocalists Tanjint Wiggy and D’zyl 5k1. Both with nerdy pedigrees, over a decade of experience in the So Cal indie hip-hop scene and predilection for R & B hooks, the two longtime collaborators have finally made it official with their superduo “Fam Likely’.

Their work runs the gamut from OutKast to Hall & Oates but their guiding principle is showing the audiene a fun-time. Whereas other hip-hop acts mean-mug and attack you and tell you they’re harder than their compeition, Fam Likely invites the listener in with a friendly and often melodic perspective.

Tonight, You Belong To Me, gives a very welcoming feel as Tanjint Wiggy exercises his vocal prowess on a cheerful song. D'zyl 5k1 provides a robust vocal presence as both emcees rap about how they're feeling the vibe of a wonderful woman they would want to take home. In the song, the duo switches flows and vocal tones to keep listeners attentive to the different ways they swoon wonderful women off their feet in a fun way. Tonight, You Belong To Me was produced by Devize Beats who has producing credits for Eminem, Netflix, Atlantic Records, and Sony.

Follow the duo's Instagram page @famlikelyofficial and Tanjint (@tanjintwiggy on Instagram/@Tanjint on Twitter) and D'zyl 5k1 on all social media @Dzyl5k1

Written by: Jay Guevara. @justinhisprime on all social media.

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