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Flowz revitalizes Northern VA with the Bark Box EP

Flowz's newly released Bark Box EP gets straight to the point with three absolute haymakers. After a year of a global pandemic, the NOVA-based rapper's return is just what the doctor ordered. Sandwiched between two slappers rests Back Back Back, featuring a legendary verse from Flowz's friend and longtime collaborator, OgTexaco. Anyone who has attended a Flowz performance can already imagine what these cuts are going to do to venues this Summer.

The Bark Box EP is a promising first impression to newcomers and a refreshing comeback to longtime fans of Flowz. The project is available exclusively via the link below and will be available on all streaming platforms very soon!


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Twitter: @KrazyFlowz

IG: @flowz0915

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Twitter: @OgTexaco

IG: @southsidetex

Written by J Geronimo // @ScreamGeronimo (IG) / @GeronimoGTFU (Twitter)

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