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Fly Anakin Builds Anticipation For His Forthcoming Album In "No Dough"

The most recent signee of the London-based label Lex Records, Fly Anakin dropped a surprise visual for No Dough produced by Madlib. This isn't the first time that Anakin and Madlib collaborated on songs together but their chemistry grows and grows with each drop. Fresh off his European tour, Anakin makes statements about no longer doing free favors while securing easy money at a bar. In the hook, he raps: "make sure you got my dough 'fore I go loco. They wasn't fucking with me when I was a local. Put on for n***** and n***** hit me with no show. I'm never doing shit again for no dough, that's a no-no, that's a no-no". The song speaks to the idea of "yesterday's price is not today's price". It's one of the smoothest Anakin songs to date as he shares stories of him and his woman and traveling on tour over light keys and vocal samples provided by Madlib on the beat.

He announced that his debut studio album with Lex Records, Frank, will be released on March 11th and No Dough is the third single on the album. In the past few months since his signing with the label, the Southside Richmond native released visuals for the other two singles on the upcoming album Ghost and Sean Price. You can follow Fly Anakin and Lex Records on all social media @flyanakin and @lexrecords

Written by: Jay Guevara @justinhisprime on all social media.

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