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Fly Anakin Releases Debut Studio Album "Frank"

Mutant Academy's own Fly Anakin released his debut studio album Frank with Lex Records. Frank is a highly anticipated album that is a promising introduction to Fly's blunt honesty in his music. He had four leading singles with visuals prior to the release such as the emphatic No Dough produced by Madlib.

No Dough is an anthem for the aspiring rapper who blows up tremendously in the music industry. He states brutal honesty where he raps "All my life, I had to fight so it's fuck you, n***** don't never help but always what you been up to. Never mind mine bitch." The chorus goes like this:

"Make sure you got my dough 'fore I go loco. They wasn't fucking with me when I was a local. Put on for n***** and n***** hit em with no show. I'm never doing shit again for no dough. That's a no-no. That's a no-no."

Another leading single of his was a popular song he performed during his UK tour, Sean Price. The ode to the Brownsville, NY emcee is grown man rap over the Evidence produced beat. Fly doesn't care about being politically correct because that's not who he is.