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Frsh Who Knows How to "Keep it Safe" !

"Keep it Safe" by Frsh Who is an exciting track that showcases his rising career in the rap industry. Frsh Who is an up-and-coming rapper based in Richmond, VA, and this song appears to be a statement of his success and determination. The lyrics convey a message to his haters, urging them to "play it cool or take it outside," essentially suggesting that it's in their best interest to avoid crossing him. This song is also the first single of his new coming album "Breath of Frsh Air".

The song seems to blend an upbeat and catchy melody with lyrics that touch on Frsh's background and upbringing, showing how his past experiences have influenced his approach to different situations. He also seems to pay homage to his hometown, Richmond, VA, emphasizing the support he receives from his city, which is a common theme in many rap songs. Frsh's flow in the song is also highlighted, with an emphasis on his smooth delivery and the way he syncs his lyrics with the track. This kind of flow is a valuable skill for any rapper and can enhance the overall listening experience.

"Keep it Safe" appears to be a track suitable for a variety of settings, such as driving through the city with the windows down or at a party with friends, aiming to uplift the mood of those who listen to it. It's not only about the music itself but also about the message and the vibe it creates for its audience.


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Video Shot and Directed by:

Written by Kaitlyn Ley, @KaitlynnLeyy on IG

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