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Get Your Tickets For The "Dreamers Over Dallas" Show This February!

WHAT IS IT?: Dreamers Over Dallas is an experience that is more than just music. The show consists of a collection of passion and heart from various up and coming artists in the North Texas area. Since the show is locally made, locally funded, and contains no brand names, you really get to immerse yourself more into the atmosphere and nuisance only this type of scene can bring you in the industry.

WHO IS PERFORMING?: Some of the bigger name performers include Pat Ron, and Tokinpotent, while other performers include 16dolo, Ombachi, Nemy, 94LL0WS, xDrool, Kasire, and a collective known as G-League.

WHEN IS IT?: The date of the concert is set for 2/11/22. Doors will open at 7PM, and performances will last from 8PM-12AM.

WHERE IS IT LOCATED?: The concert will be held at Creators Don’t Die in Dallas, TX. The address is: 2429 S Malcolm X Blvd.

As far as what to expect, the night will truly be an experience to remember! Multiple indie artists have put their heart and soul into their music for this very moment, and they cannot wait to share it with you! Concessions will also be provided.

Tickets are on sale now all the way up until the day of the show for just $10, and after that it’s $15 at the door.

Written by Vy Truong, @avocavy on IG

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