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GLAM Delivers An "Awesome" Freestyle

G.L.A.M. is a swiss army knife of musical talent hailing from Oakland, California. G.L.A.M.'s name is an acronym for "good lyrics and music". She's known as an emcee that has rapped on platforms like Team Backpack and MTV Rapfix. G.L.A.M. is also a DJ that has spun at various New York shows. That doesn't stop there. She is also a singer and producer who had her works featured in commercials for Apple, Victoria's Secret, and the Pretty Little Thing clothing line. Her distinct delivery is a double-time flow mixed with a patient demeanor and a hint of bravado. In this video, she plays her piano over a beat she produced herself while rapping in her pocket. Her production is influenced by Flying Lotus and various lo-fi sounds. Her artistry has a variety of influences from her mother who has a musical background herself along with many nostalgic things that came from the nineties such as TV shows, fashion, and songs from that era.

She has released other freestyles such as her LOL video rapping over Erykah Badu's On And On, which Badu gave her sign of approval for how well she did. Definitely check out her rework of the famous Aaliyah song One In A Million. G.L.A.M. has a fairly deep discography dating back to the late 2000s when she used to rap under the GlamIRock moniker. You can find all of her tracks on Soundcloud and follow her on all social media @glamishere .

Written by: Jay Guevara @justinhisprime on all social media

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