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Interview: Great Britt Discusses Live & Let Live Event And FeelGood RVA

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Great Britt is the owner of the brand FeelGood RVA based out of Richmond, Virginia. FeelGood RVA is a brand that once focused on just mental health and the arts, but now I can say it evolved to focus on holistic health and all types of art from fashion to music to poetry and medium based arts like murals and portraits. The brand launched back in 2019 and has been featured in events for RVA Fashion Week in April. Britt and her team are carrying the momentum of a sold-out fashion show with their signature event Live and Let Live that's happening on May 17th. If you haven't read my article covering the event, read it here as it features plenty of artists, organizations, poets, comedians, and more. I had the pleasure to chat with her about both the upcoming event and the brand itself.

JG: How did FEELGOOD RVA begin? If I recall correctly it initially started as a personal blog but it became bigger. What made you want to focus on arts, fashion, and music for the website?

GB: Yes, it started off as a diary. I only shared my writing when I wanted but the more I shared it the more I got great feedback. So the website grew pretty organically. Then in 2019, I had the first Live & Let Live, and that kind of sparked my love for events. I really enjoyed networking and meeting creatives from the city. It was inspiring, so I just started diving deeper.

JG: Describe some past events the brand has done and what are some experiences that you hold dear to you.

GB: Live & Let Live I would say is in a caliber of its own. It’s kind of this monster that just keeps evolving every year. The growth has truly been beautiful. But that’s the one big charity event we do annually. Our other events have ranged from River Clean Ups with the James River Park System to what we’re probably better known for, our music shows. They’re always a vibe, COVID really put a damper on our growth in that realm, but we’re figuring it out! We also just wrapped our first fashion show with RVAFW, that was a lot of fun.

JG: What were some critical lessons you learned along the way with Feel Good RVA?

GB: For me, one of the biggest things was learning to trust myself more. I feel being a new brand/business owner in the beginning I was extremely reliant on looking to others who seemed to have done more for guidance. While I learned a lot of good things along the way, I also realized that it’s important for me to be able to rely on me to get things done at the end of the day. For example, I wanted to be able to do all of our graphics so I didn’t have to outsource and pay someone. So I taught myself Adobe and now all of the promo material comes from in-house. While it’s always important to know when to ask for help, I also love being self-sufficient.

JG: To focus on the upcoming event, Live and Let Live on May 17th, how is it different compared to the two previous iterations in 2020 and 2019?

GB: The growth is mind-blowing to me honestly. LLL started off as a showcase at a little bar with two vendors and a musical lineup that did not flow whatsoever. I can laugh about it now but that was a proud moment. Now for it to be actually considered a festival is just nuts to me. To know we’re at such a great vantage point to help the community means a lot. I hope we change some lives that day.

JG: Who are some artists and bands that people in the Richmond scene should look out for?

GB: I’m excited to bring a few musical acts back from last year but I also wanted to work with artists we haven’t yet. So I’m happy to have Radio B and Jon Bibbs return, but it’s also dope to get to work with Smyth Knight and Jaylin Brown for the first time! And then there’s even more, it’s a great lineup. I’m really hype for this year.

JG: FeelGoodRVA has a variety of members. Expound on who they are and what they do.

GB: My team is incredible, they keep me afloat. Lulu is our project manager, she’s really my right-hand woman. I would lose my mind if she wasn’t there to catch it. Tahmari is our head of merch (which will be available to you all soon) and she’s been hosting our podcast with me since day one. Sheedo is our resident videographer, we’re actually working on a dope visual project hopefully coming to you guys by the fall. Of course, we have our head writer! You!!! Jay Guevara, you truly keep the website running and I’m so thankful. And then lastly, I’m excited to announce our newest member Tayler that will be working with us on social media and events!

JG: What are some things you’re looking forward to after Live and Let Live? What makes this event near and dear to you?

GB: I’m the most excited for more outdoor events. We had a great outreach of vendors for LLL and I really want to give the community more opportunities to safely fellowship and network. Supporting our city and community in more ways than one is always going to be a mission of FeelGood’s. Hosting something like this, to just let our people know we’re here for you it’s a responsibility I take super seriously. I’m not gonna lie to you, I think things like the Bacon Festival... are a little... I don’t know... unnecessary? I’d rather take up a street giving people resources and inspiration to make our community better and brighter.

You can follow the brand on Twitter and Instagram @FEELGOODRVA and check out the website

Follow Great Britt on Instagram and Twitter.

Written by: Jay Guevara @justinhisprime on all social media.

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