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Habeeb Saves You A Window Seat In Tales of The West City

Updated: Jun 29, 2021

Habeeb is a Southpaw Battle Coalition battle rapper and former RVA Rap Elite cypher champion hailing from Richmond, Virginia. In the past, he has battled rappers such as Radio B, Xcel, Madface, and Henny L.O. Habeeb decided to transition his wordplay from performing cyphers and rap battles to compile an album that he mixed, mastered, produced, and written entirely by himself.

It is a ten-track album that may surprise his current fanbase. Habeeb is known for a strong voice with an eloquent vernacular when battling so for him to approach it in a more gentle manner while providing the voice projection he is known for having can come off unorthodox from what he's known for. After a slow-paced singing introduction, the album starts off with Dying. The voice on the track is in somewhat of a high-pitched voice that raps about how he loves his conscience and accomplishing goals until he finds himself bleeding. The production instantly changes to a more ominous and bass-heavy production where he confronts all the opposing rappers because he has been quiet too long about their faults.

One thing I did notice while listening to the project that the production wasn't as boom-bap heavy as I thought it would be for a battle rapper making music. There is more involvement from the string and bass instrumentation families on songs like Groov'n that is heavy on strings and Habeeb singing more than I would have expected. The production of Habeeb promising for the first album that he produced. It shows signs of promise for future projects to come from the Richmond emcee. Some tracks to check out on the project are Fake Friends, Groov'n, and Carnage. The nature soundscapes that play throughout the project definitely aids in Habeeb setting the mood in talking of serious matters of police violence, showing love, recognizing genuine individual from people with fraudulent intents, and focusing on self-growth. You can stream the project everywhere and on Spotify below. Follow Habeeb on Instagram @habeebami

Written by: Jay Guevara @justinhisprime on all social media.


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