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Harvie June Releases House of Mirrors Tape

Virginia artist Harvie June released his first project of the year House of Mirrors. It’s a seven track alternative tape that’s heavy with acoustic sounds and great vocals that makes you feel like you’re cruising beside Long Beach enjoying the fresh weather. The seven track tape has all type of energy on it whether you feel like conquering the world through the upbeat AnnaLee track or if you want to enjoy a freshly lit Newport while it’s raining outside on a Sunday, you can do so by listening to House of Mirrors to compliment the laid back production with a peaceful Sunday. It’s the first drop of the year for Harvie June so expect more music to come in 2021.

Harvie June is a known producer that has produced several songs for Nickelus F such as Regula Degula, Bummin Bogies, and Obnoxious off the 2015 Nick F album Triflin’. You can get the album on Apple Music and follow him on Instagram @cvshby

Written by: Jay Guevara. @justinhisprime on all social media.

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