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HesDandy Pushes Through "Difficult" Times

HesDandy is an artist residing in Richmond giving you a mixture of modern trap and melodies along with a eloquent touch for bars and wordplay.

He started to pursue a music career in in late 2018 where he had been in a major process of culminating a sound for himself. Now in 2021, HesDandy has branded himself as a “Recluse” following a single release on Streaming services back in 2020. In his words:

“If you actually know what a recluse is , then you will be able understand how I took a page from the characteristics to accept this persona. I consider myself more of a loner or introvert as I work better by myself. It’s where I feel most powerful. The recluse is known to make and impact its presence is... for my case I’ve been working silently to make sure that every move I make hits hard and will be lucrative for me in terms longevity .”

Stream Difficult below available on all platforms and follow him on IG @hesdandy

Written by: Jay Guevara. @justinhisprime on all social media platforms.

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