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Hot Take On CJ The Profit's "CHANC3S" ft. Theory Musiq

Hailing from Richmond, Virginia another talent is seen to have emerged, creating under the name CJ the Profit. The Artist doubles as a rapper and producer and is self-described to be “the 1 with the Message.” Which he’s certainly spread with his latest single: CHANC3S.

Featuring fellow rapper Theory Musiq, the track is loaded with a steady flow sure to leave your head nodding along. CJ manages to explain what we all learn through life by taking listeners through a real talk moment. Plans fall through, but of course, you miss a hundred percent of the shots you don’t take.

Although CJ isn't the only one who knows about taking chances since Theory Musiq calls out that “bossing is a mindset,” as he tells his own tales about what success means. Whether it’s about taking a leap or losing some fake friends, we all have some price to pay.

Now luckily, this isn’t the creator’s only project to date, and he’s surely got more to come. You can take a listen to his album The Profit here on Apple Music. As well as follow his Instagram (@CJtheprofit) for more updates.

CJ muses in his verse that, “only gods got the answers.” But if you ask me whether his projects are worth a listen, my answer is yes.

Written by Arianna Rackham. (@ariannarackham)

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