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Indie Star Radio B Steps Back Into the Sneaker World with 5 New Colorways for "Mama Jo's Collection"

Radio B is a pillar in the blooming Indie Hip-Hop scene in Richmond, in Virginia, and globally-- but it isn't just beats and bars he's concerned with.

Aside from creating his own well-received music, he runs the impactful and influential RVA Rap Elite series where some of VA's finest emcees get a chance simultaneously to build together and compete while delivering consistently dope cyphers, high-level shows and events, and all kinds of other great content. Dude is ever-present; not only in the Richmond music scene, but the art scene in general. Being a visible person, what becomes clear about Radio B to even the casual observer is that he has a unique style that wreaks of deeper meaning.

I learned a lot about the story Radio B is trying to tell with his attire through the creation of his fashion line "Mama Jo's Collection." His recent sensibilities have been heavily influenced by the work of his late mother, Joann Gordon, an accomplished folk artist who specialized in the abstract. Her beautiful designs have now left the walls of the exhibits from which they hung, and are hitting the streets to inspire an even wider audience. The line features motifs from specific Gordon works and incorporates them into several pieces of clothing designed to wear together or mix and match. You can definitely envision these images at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, but as a cousin to Basquiat's aesthetic, it is easy to imagine them on your favorite rapper as well. The new motifs that are now available in the canvas sneaker forms are (pictured left) "All Eyes on Me," (top to bottom) "Iridescent Stones," "El Tigre," "Mental Explosion," and "Bearded Soul."

Much in the way the music genre he loves has a knack for looping, sampling, and remixing existing or old art and making it fresh and a movement its own -- Radio B has embodied that concept with his new collection and honored his mother's legacy in the process. Thats beautiful. Thats art at its highest form. And like the "Mama Jo's Collection" tagline states, it's "an art gallery you can wear," and like all great art, its made even better when you can be a part of it. And you can by visiting and following them and Radio B on social to stay in tune with what's going down.

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