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Interview: Cam Archer

Updated: Jul 19, 2022

Cam Archer is a rapper's rapper from San Bernardino, California. He is a profound member of the Over Everything collective with fellow artists in that area Jay Kasai and Joe Sweatpants that I've interviewed earlier in the year. Cam Archer has been rapping as far back as the late 2000s, which you can learn more about in my interview with GQ from Half Valve Entertainment. Cam has graced several platforms such as Shade 45 radio and became a well-known face for Damian Lillard's 4 Bar Friday series. Outside of music, Cam Archer writes for Bleacher Report covering the Las Vegas Raiders.

During The Happiness of Pursuit Festival pop-up event in Ontario, California, he stated that his music covers two things he likes: anime and women with fat asses. After that, he proceeded to perform one of his classic songs, Sailor Moon. Yet, his music contains sad bops like Awkward covering his insecurities and existentialism. His internal struggles are well documented from his Inside Voices album with songs like Best Interest wherein an upbeat tone, he sings "I know I might seem timid, my heart just ain't been in it. I can't trust who's around. You don't have my best interest at heart..." Cam's discography also contains songs of bravado like Dreams and NYC from his Midnight Run Album with Jay Kasai. Below, you can hear how confident and skilled he is in his visual for MAXXOUT from his 2020 album El Guapo. I covered Cam's music dating back to 2018, so it is finally time that I interviewed him.