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Interview: Cam Archer

Updated: Jul 19, 2022

Cam Archer is a rapper's rapper from San Bernardino, California. He is a profound member of the Over Everything collective with fellow artists in that area Jay Kasai and Joe Sweatpants that I've interviewed earlier in the year. Cam Archer has been rapping as far back as the late 2000s, which you can learn more about in my interview with GQ from Half Valve Entertainment. Cam has graced several platforms such as Shade 45 radio and became a well-known face for Damian Lillard's 4 Bar Friday series. Outside of music, Cam Archer writes for Bleacher Report covering the Las Vegas Raiders.

During The Happiness of Pursuit Festival pop-up event in Ontario, California, he stated that his music covers two things he likes: anime and women with fat asses. After that, he proceeded to perform one of his classic songs, Sailor Moon. Yet, his music contains sad bops like Awkward covering his insecurities and existentialism. His internal struggles are well documented from his Inside Voices album with songs like Best Interest wherein an upbeat tone, he sings "I know I might seem timid, my heart just ain't been in it. I can't trust who's around. You don't have my best interest at heart..." Cam's discography also contains songs of bravado like Dreams and NYC from his Midnight Run Album with Jay Kasai. Below, you can hear how confident and skilled he is in his visual for MAXXOUT from his 2020 album El Guapo. I covered Cam's music dating back to 2018, so it is finally time that I interviewed him.

Jay: In my interview with GQ, he told me that you guys worked together on music as he was your producer. Eventually, you and a couple of other artists joined together to form this group called Dying Breed in the early 2010s. Currently, you’re affiliated with the Over Everything collective. Could you describe how you grew in collaborating with others musically?

Cam: Collaboration is how my work even got started. GQ introduced me to his friend that rapped and went by the name Comic. We immediately became a duo. When that ended, I had nowhere to consistently create. Then I met my big bro Dre Shot and began working with him frequently. I met Kasai, Speech, and CJ around 2013 (they were Dying Breed). We started Over Everything shortly after that. Everyone I’ve ever worked with has helped me get better artistically in all facets. When I started I was just a punchline rapper. I’ve become a lot more than that today.

Jay: What would be a good starting point for new listeners to get familiar with your music?

Cam: I would say No Apologies or the first El Guapo. Those show the well-rounded nature of my skill set.

Jay: With the likes of Smoke DZA, Wale, and Westside Gunn constantly paying tribute to wrestling nostalgia with many projects relating to different wrestling eras, how do you see the intersection of the wrestling entertainment culture and hip hop culture evolving in the next few years? Do any wrestlers influence your art and how so?

Cam: I love the way wrestling has become a bit more synonymous with rap. I think it only gets stronger from here because of the mutual respect on both sides. Quite a few wrestlers have helped to influence my style and my presentation. The natural flashy nature or rebel stances of certain stars over the years played a large role in a ton of what I do.

Jay: For people who would want to learn about the Cali music scene, what would be some things you would mention? What are some things that you may warn people about?

Cam: I would tell people LA isn’t everything or an end all be all for creativity. There are plenty of scenes that don’t get their proper due. Just do your best to find a community that sounds the sound you want to make and foster that.

Jay: What was the best no that you ever received? How did that help you get better?

Cam: Not necessarily a no, but I got booed off stage at a college Apollo Night. This happened at a point where I still wasn’t too keen on being rejected musically. It taught me what I do won’t be for everyone. Even though people booed me, I still had a good amount of people tell me they loved my performance.

Jay: You’ve performed in a variety of locations in California but have performed in Arizona before. What are some places that you like to perform at? What are some places that you would like to perform at?

Cam: I want to perform in Seattle; I’ve yet to go to Atlanta so that would be cool too. Chicago would be fun. Honestly, I’ll perform wherever they’ll have me.

"I would tell people LA isn’t everything or an end all be all for creativity. There are plenty of scenes that don’t get their proper due. Just do your best to find a community that sounds the sound you want to make and foster that."- Cam Archer

Jay: Describe the influence of 4Bar Friday on your writing.

Cam: 4Bar Friday definitely helps me stay sharp and helps to develop consistency. I go through a lot of dry spells from a writing perspective that can cause me to be hard on myself. Looking back at the work done through 4BF helps to remind me of what I’m capable of.

Jay: They say the best way to get better at writing is to keep writing. You wrote different articles covering sports, specifically the Raiders. How did you feel about their move over to Vegas and where do you think they’ll finish this season?

Cam: I was pissed when they went to Vegas. I obviously wanted them in LA, but the powers that be knew what that would’ve meant for the Rams (their owner funded the stadium). Vegas is a destination city, so it hurts any real home-field advantage for at least a few seasons. People will travel to Vegas to party and watch their favorite team play.

As for the Raiders this year, I hate to say it but I see another borderline .500 season. 9-8 soon come.

Jay: Who are some indie artists that you would like to shout out?

Cam: Eli Nikks, Sonnie Babble, Jay Kasai, Nicklaus Gray, CJ Westley, Stevie Crooks, xFredo, Cam Gnarly, Greg NWMN, Phantom Thrett, Homegirl Monie, Real Name James, I.V., Nate Joel, ICECOLDBISHOP. I could keep going honestly.

A snippet video of the song NYC featuring Jay Kasai

You can find Cam on all social media @CamArcher

Written by: Jay Guevara @justinhisprime on all social media

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