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Interview: Champagne Aramis

Champagne Aramis is an Inland Empire artist that flows on beats like water across the Nile. Champagne began his musical journey at nine years old writing music as he lived back and forth between the Rialto and Fontana areas. Aramis grew into a respected individual in the IE for paying respect to those that came before him and maintaining a level head growing up in dangerous areas. The young stylish prodigy released his first EP last year Chase A Bag. It's an seven-track EP that sounds like a blend of Larry June and Tory Lanez. He can be seen performing at local events in the Inland Empire and is planning to release his second EP later in the year under his label Everybody Eats The Family.

Jay: I first met you at an Audio Dope event at Firewater in Ontario. Your stage presence was phenomenal as the crowd was tuned in. Describe how you grew your stage performance from your earlier days performing at shows.

CA: It's been times when growing up, I never even done a talent show. I started performing in 2020 at a weed shop. I learned that I still have to perform at the best level I can even though the crowd might not be into it. You still have to give them a show as they're buying weed in the shop. Somebody is always going to listen in the crowd. I started grasping more on performing my favorite songs to jumping now to where I'm trying to be performing my songs without vocals in the background and getting the show mixes popping with more adlibs.

I'm growing in building my tone with stage presence. I do breathing exercises, meditate and drink tea before the show now. I remember getting cottonmouth on the stage one time looking stupid on stage and never wanted that moment to happen again. I take those types of lessons and figure out how I can better prepare for the next show. I even started watching a couple of artists perform on Youtube with and witho