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Interview: Christine Ariya From Fox's "I Can See Your Voice"

Tiffany Jackson, who goes by the stage name Christine Ariya, is a multifaceted individual: vocalist, songwriter, voice actor, entertainer, and arranger! She is also the lead singer of Eclectik! Ariya is most widely known for her appearance as the customer service agent from Fox's I Can See Your Voice in 2020. She originally performed in order to honor her late father whose dream was to perform on TV!

Her other features are with fellow Inland Empire artists Jay Kasai and Joe Sweatpants. Last summer, she dropped a chilling five-track EP, Kissed By The Cold. It is a sonic cascade that gives form to the feeling of unrequited love. It was home to her debut single It Ain't Right produced by OhGoshLeotus and it gained positive praise within the Inland Empire and LA areas of California. Much has changed in the span of a year from her last interview with FEEL GOOD RVA, so it's a wonderful time to catch up with the California-based singer.

Vy: In what ways have you grown as an artist and entertainer since making your appearance on Fox's I Can See Your Voice?