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Interview: GQ from California Based HVE Media

I talked to GQ, who is a California based videographer and photographer that runs HVE Media, short for Half Valve Entertainment.

Jay: Where did the origin of the name Half Valve Entertainment come from?

GQ: I’m a trumpet player, it’s the roots of my music background since third grade. I wanted to do something utilizing the pen or relating to the trumpet. HV is a technique used in Jazz a lot where if you can use it right, it gives it a different emotion when you’re playing solo. I just ran with it.

Jay: Elaborate more on who works with Half Valve Entertainment.

GQ: AI just kind of do it all myself on the social media aspect. For artists, it’s CJ Simmons and we have an engineer/producer C-Wellz. It’s pretty much us three but we have help from additional homies whenever we need extra hands.

It began as a label back in 2008 and started with me, Cam Archer, and another friend of ours. Back then I was big on producing and Cam was rapping. A friend of ours linked us together and eventually, we joined together. We created a trio and from there we did shows and got serious with it. Our friend eventually stopped and it was me and Cam. I was basically a manager of Cam at that point. I did booking and enginee