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Interview: Inland Empire Rapper Cam Gnarly

Cam Gnarly is a wordsmith hailing from San Bernandino, California. As a representative of the Inland Empire region that San Bernandino is located in, Cam dedicates his music to delivering knowledge through progressive energy, clever wordplay, and melodic harmonies. In the past three years, he has released three albums and Cam just dropped a visual for his song The Healz.

The Healz is a soundtrack for those that do the shadow work of growing through something. It encourages listeners to be gentle with themselves as they unpack pain, and do the invisible work of balancing themselves out. Cam continues expanding into a more melodic and harmony-driven style, featuring the angelic contributions from songstresses Rae & drum-heavy funky production from Speeks Geak. It's a song from his latest album, Love Really Is... which he turned into an art gallery out in San Bernandino. Each piece of artwork was named after song titles from the project along with a visual representation of what the song looks like to Cam. Below is an example of his song Boundaries from that album.