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Interview: Jay Bordeaux Discusses "Indigo" Art Show Featuring Exclusive Brews And Performances

Jay Bordeaux is an artist from Richmond, VA. Some of Bordeaux signature looks for his projects include having bold neon hues and utilizing different widths of pens, sharpies, paintbrushes, pencils, and other mediums to make line work stand out. He is having an upcoming art show on June 4th at Fresh Richmond on 213 East Broad Street from 6-10 pm. I decided to talk to the man with several murals in Richmond about the Indigo art show and what's going to go down.

Guevara: It's your first art solo show since 2016. How would you say that you prepared differently this go around compared to the last time you prepared a solo art show?

Bordeaux: In 2016, my first show Jade was put together in only 3 weeks. There was an artist who originally had the first Friday spot who dropped out. I had literally just talked to the gallery owner and she gave me the green light if I could put a show together at that time frame. I accepted and brought the Jade series that I was maybe two pieces into at the moment and started to prepare the story and true inspiration behind it. I was younger and it was my first showing. So I hardly knew what I was doing but it all came together. I had help from my friends and my ex-girlfriend and with their help, I was able to put together one of the most amazing art shows.