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Interview: LA Artist Bo Moneyy

Bo Moneyy is a 30-year-old hip-hop artist from Marshall, MN. Currently, it is his fifth year living in LA! Since moving to the City of Angels, Bo Moneyy has performed for several different platforms, most notably freestyling for the Power 106 radio station. In the past month, he released a music video for his song T-Minus, and a new single called Temptation Lane. It seems like big things are happening for Bo, who boasts over 21K followers on Instagram currently.

Vy: I see that you’ve lived in various different states, noticeably LA. How have these places influenced and affected your sound as an artist?

Bo: This is a tricky question to be honest because growing up in Minnesota, I was still drawn to and prioritized west coast hip-hop as well as southern hip-hop. I feel that I was drawn to those two the most. I was constantly on websites such as Datpiff researching and downloading all of the latest and greatest sounds, especially the underground music. I wouldn't say that growing up in Minnesota affected my sound as an artist, but more so my character.

Minnesota gave me thick skin, both metaphorically as well as realistically. It's a cold place, so I was definitely suffering from seasonal depression every winter due to the lack of sunlight during those months, but that is what brought out the best music! Now going on my 5th year living in LA, I am engulfed in west coast music as well as culture. Although I feel it has influenced my sound just a little bit just in the way my story has developed or in how I flat out tell the story, I feel as though I have and want to stay true to myself and my roots. Same Bo.

Vy: You just recently dropped a music video for your song T-Minus! What was the filming process like, and what inspires you in your art?

Bo: This is another kind of unique question. It's a funny story. I released that song a few years back as it was a part of a mixtape called Theory of Relativity. While attending my friend Dionicio's birthday dinner at Delilah, I was invited to perform at a Sunday brunch, which was a part of a grand opening for a nail salon. I didn't really know what setlist I wanted to use to perform, and I have such a large catalog which is nice because it gives me quite a bit of dexterity for performance setlists. I knew I needed some songs for the ladies, and this was one of them. I originally wasn't going to have any sort of video for it. I was just going to do the show and drive back to Hollywood and go to my job, but my homie Hurley hit me up and wanted to work.

While driving, I thought of the plan that I could make a music video for this song by having him come and capture the live performance. The filming process was realistic: He filmed me performing and used cuts from the performance to help paint the picture for the video. We also went into a Walgreens across the street and filmed some live performance scenes inside. I broke a bunch of cosmetics while performing accidentally and got asked to leave. LIFE AND MOTIVATING FACTORS INSPIRE MY ART! Also, all of the ups and downs inspire my art.

Vy: What do you think are the three main ingredients for success and why?

Bo: Consistency, Originality, and Focus. I have many ingredients that come to mind for success but these are the first three that came to my mind. I think that having all three of these things makes you unstoppable in a way, especially musically. FOCUS is key for me because living out in LA learning to say "no" is very hard especially when you stop getting invites after you turn some things/people down a few times in order to get your work done. No one likes a copy, be original.

Vy: Another thing I noticed is that you shout out your whole team whenever you collaborate with someone. What do teamwork and networking mean to you, and how do you most effectively utilize them?

Bo: Yeah, I find a lot of happiness in making sure I give credit where credit is due, and I definitely love cross-promoting anyone and anything when we get to work together. I have made my most memorable pieces through collaboration as well as some great friendships. Teamwork and networking are beginning to evolve greatly for me and I love to see it. For the first 5-6 years of my career, the phone isn't ringing, and no one is in your DM's wanting anything to do with your art.

I've blazed my path this far, and now plenty of amazing artists are down to work: it's refreshing! I think that Instagram has been my most effective way of utilizing collaboration and teamwork. It's easy, it's to the point and boom. We make magic happen. I meet plenty of people face to face too, and I've made connections and successful collaborations as well don't get me wrong, but Instagram & Gmail make it easy because I can be laying in bed and still be doing business and working on upcoming ideas while communicating with others.

Vy: What’s something random that you want your fans and other readers to know about you? It can be anything random!

Bo: I am red-green colorblind. Everyone thinks it's bullshit, but I actually find it very difficult differentiating the two colors, especially at night time. That is why I have gotten parking tickets in LA because when I street park at night I can't see that I am in the RED!!!

"I also want my fans to know that I love you." - Bo

Vy: Lastly, who are some indie artists that you’d like to shout out?

Bo: At this time I would only like to shout out DIIMOND KILANI. That magic we made in the studio at that afterparty at Ayler's was DOPE!

Even though Bo's schedule has been super packed this month, it looks like the work is paying off. It was a pleasure working with him since he was ready and willing to work! If you didn't know about Bo, now you know!


Written by Vy Truong, @avocavy on IG

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