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Interview: Moneá

Moneá is a Richmond, VA artist who dropped her first single, Brunch In The Garden, earlier this year. Fresh off the release of her new music video for the song Universe, I decided to pick her brain about new music, her process, and the philosophy behind her new video. Interviewed by Max Olarinde.

Max: I loved the music video for Universe. My takeaway was that we should be patient with ourselves when it comes to relationships and breakups, and that we should let time and the universe unravel before us. My question to you is, are you more of a believer in free will, fate, or some combination of both?

Moneá: That’s a dope question haha. I would say I’m a believer in both free will and fate. I think everything happens for a reason and every single person is on a path they were supposed to be but I also believe in free will in the sense of, you can make your life how you want it and put yourself on any path you desire. Hope that makes sense, but definitely both.