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Interview: PT Vell Is Focused On His Aviation As A Rapper

PT Vell is an artist from Richmond, Virginia. He's known as a storytelling artist that focuses on capturing the listener's ear and taking them on a journey through his trials and tribulations. In the past, he has worked with numerous artists like Illa Styles, fellow Virginia Union alum Nick Verses, and most notably Skinnyy Hendrixx. On his most recent single Soul, he flows gracefully over flutes and funky vocals to discuss how ill he is while noticing how he needs to get better with his craft and manifesting all he wants to accomplish. I had the time to speak to him about his growth in the Rich city along with discussing some recent trends in the culture in the middle of the COVID pandemic.

Jay: You have an upcoming album named Aviation that's due to drop later on in the year. Can you give me more information about it and when it'll come out?

PT: Aviation is all about elevation and people who have been listening to me and seeing the profession as far as sound and stage presence. It’s about taking to the next level. I don’t want to put too much out there but I got so