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Interview: Battle Rapper Turned Music Artist Sonny Kolfax

Updated: Jul 8, 2021

Sonny Kolfax is a recording artist and group member of Renaissance Records. He is a Richmond, Virginia native that is more known as an avid battle rapper with his resume spanning years of battling on Smack URL vs King Esco, Southpaw Battle Coalition, and the League of Champions, L.O.C. for short. With prior albums like The Cherokee Kid, Bruce Leroy, and Blade Brown, Kolfax’s artistry is influenced by nostalgia relating to things he loves like vintage video games, the Monday Night War era of wrestling, and films. I even did a poem feature for his project Bruce Leroy based on the film The Last Dragon named Julius Carry. With a vast battle rap background, the bars are heavy in Kolfax's music alongside his rap battle counterparts on Renaissance Records Roc Raw, Trill Nik, Slumdogg Ox, and Redd Handed. I had the privilege to talk to the former battle rapper turned music artist about everything rap related

Jay: Talk about Renaissance Records. What are some upcoming things the label is working on for the rest of the year?

Sonny: We have a collaborative project dropping by Stoner’s Island called Everyone’s Journey Is Different dropping later in the year. I am currently working on my next project, 25 Heron Bones. Trill Nik and Roc Raw have projects coming up. We are working on putting on a show in September. Inside the Renaissance team, we have a series of mini-groups, like how Gang Starr was: a pair that had an artist and a producer. So it’s myself and Akai Phifer being Cult Classic. Then there’s Stoner’s Island, which compromises me, Preme, Redd Handed, Trill Nik being the main four. The groups are really f