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Interview with Danii: A Multifaceted Musician

Danii is an R&B singer, songwriter, and dancer from California. She currently resides in Dallas, Texas, and has been performing locally there for two years. Danii has graced the stages at Dallas House of Blues and Dallas Black Canvas, to name a few. You can stream her singles Petty and Intention on all major platforms now!

Vy: What is it like being a woman, especially a POC, in the music industry? Do you think it has affected how you represent yourself as an artist?

Danii: As a woman in the music industry, especially in Dallas, I feel like the scene is mainly male dominated. Women definitely have to compete in order to be respected the way that male artists are. As far as being a POC, it hasn't been super challenging personally in concerns to the music industry, but colorism definitely exists. Girls with darker complexions, such as myself, definitely have to work harder because we don't fit the standard. I used to let this affect me as an artist, but as I developed and learned about myself and my sound, I've had the confidence to embrace myself thanks to other role models. I will say that women like Normani are paving the way for future black artists!

Vy: Who/what inspires you when you write your songs? Are there any artists that influence your sound?

Danii: When I write my songs, they're based off of my personal experiences. When am I not going through something? I write when I need to vent and release, so a lot of my songs are about heartbreaks and past relationships that I've had. My sound definitely has a west coast influence, and some artists that inspire me are mainly Jhene Aiko and Kehlani. Other artists include Chloe x Halle, Snoh Alegra, Mariah Carey (she can do no wrong), and Ari Lennox.

Vy: I heard that you graduated from NSU (Norfolk State University), you were originally from the Bay Area, but now you're living out in Dallas. What made you jump around from place to place and decide on Dallas, Texas in the end?

Danii: Originally, before I transferred to NSU, I was in LA county. I wouldn't call it "jumping from place to place." I would consider it "exploring," and finding out more about myself by changing my environment. I am a wanderer and a free spirit. I wanted to go to an HBCU so I went to NSU, and sure it was a random decision but I am always ready to take that leap of faith. I travelled a lot during my stay at NSU, and I loved the South. Consequently, I took another leap of faith and checked out Dallas, ended up loving up, and here I am! This isn't my endpoint because I'm a wanderer, but so far so good. I see myself here for the next couple years or so.

Vy: I noticed that you are also an author! How are you able to manage multiple professions at once? Are there any other professions or side hustles that you have besides music?

Danii: Yes, I am behavioral therapist (part time), a full-time grad student getting my M.Ed in marriage and family counseling, and beyond that I own a business in credit restoration and notary.

Managing multiple professions at once can be difficult and stressful. Time management, discipline, and staying motivated are important. When I'm feeling stressed, I look back and remember why I started doing it, what does it mean, my end goal, etc. I try my best to be balanced and put forth equal time to each endeavor.

Vy: What's something random that you want your fans and other readers to know about you? It can be anything random!

Danii: I had no idea what to say at first when reading this question! I wanted to say this originally, but then I thought "No that's stupid don't say that!" I will just say it anyways: I'm an empath. I would say that I'm sympathetic and in tune with others emotions, and I am very compassionate. It's easy to get caught up in "being independent," but even if I say that I will still probably care about others in the back of my head.

Vy: Lastly, who are some indie artists that you'd like to shoutout?

Danii: I did a show together with a couple artists recently so of course I have to shout them out! They are Tony B, Shelby, and DeeVine.

I had such a delightful experience interviewing Danii. She is so smiley and positive, and I could definitely feel her energy radiating through the screen! She is not only an amazing artist but an amazing individual as well. Be sure to check out her music and follow her socials down below!

Written by Vy Truong, @avocavy on IG

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