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It's A Bird! It's a Plane! Nope... It's Your Friendly Neighborhood Kiing Spiider!

Byron Sterling Jr., also known as Kiing Spiider, is your live-action neighborhood Spider-Man. Known for his acrobatic stunts throughout New York City, Kiing Spiider rose to stardom with various viral videos doing stunts, various skits, and sharing his parkour free-running tricks. Using his increasing following, he was able to leverage various commercial ads and social media campaigns for local NYC stores alongside popular influencers, while still maintaining his own Kiing Spiider brand.

Kiing Spiider is as close to a real-life Spider-Man as we're going to get. A real-life human doing things we thought we'd only see in the movies, showing the urban youth that parkour-free running is an immersed sport for all. With the ability to make use of your environment, he's able to show the youth that they can do anything anywhere as long as they're resourceful.

Living up to Peter Parker's reputation, Kiing Spiider has taken supporting his youth and community in Brooklyn, NY to another level by attending various charity events, and celebrity givebacks, and appearing in various music videos with upcoming artists in the NYC area. He's also been seen on various national television shows on networks such as BET, MTV, and Comedy Central rising to stardom due to his magical imagination that's displayed in such incantation.

Written by TeeTheCreative. (Instagram/Twitter)

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