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"It Wasn't Easy" For HesDandy In His Newest EP

HesDandy is a Richmond artist that is well known for describing his stories of struggles in smooth cadences that roll off the tongue easily. A few days ago he released his much-anticipated EP It Wasn't Easy. It's an eight-track EP that displays the talent HesDandy has with flowing over a variety of beats so gleefully while discussing his trials and tribulations.

From his first track, Wasn't Easy, he states that he stopped being humble because of how states that the city doesn't give a genuine love in the long run. He stopped explaining himself and his story because they wouldn't understand the fires he had to walk through to get to where he is. It's a solid slow melody song to give an introduction to the EP. Then the project picks up with Came Bacc where he iterates on how he's been solid his whole life and how he defeated doubts of people around him to enjoy what he does so proudly: grind in the music scene.

My favorite parts of the EP are actually the features. You can tell that Dandy stepped it up on the tracks where he had other artists on such as Burberry Curtains featuring Rico Bando and You Should See featuring Ceo. Although these are two artists Dandy has a history of working with, the collaborations bring out better from the respective parties. Ceo is looking to continue his run after releasing his project And I Haven't Cried Since recently and the production definitely sounds like a mesh of the strong bass of Ceo's music along with the distorted melodies of HesDandy. The track focuses on how working on music affects HesDandy and Ceo by making them very isolated from the world and become only tuned into their crafts treating it as an obsession.

To compare HesDandy to his prior music, he sounds much more comfortable and tuned in to how he wants to come off. It Wasn't Easy describes the emotions he has about not needing help that comes with contingencies along with having the tunnel vision to hustle and persevere over external and internal obstacles. You can stream the EP on all streaming platforms and below on Spotify. Follow HesDandy on Instagram @hesdandy and Twitter @bedvndy .

Written by: Jay Guevara. @justinhisprime on all social media.


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