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J Morr UpOne and Big Jinya Concludes Southpaw's First-Ever Battle Rap Tournament

In 2021, the premier battle rap league in Richmond, Southpaw Battle Coalition, began its inaugural battle rap tournament to crown its first World Champ and River City Champion. When an intern at the time and I interviewed eight out of the sixteen battle rappers during the first round faceoffs, the first two people I interviewed were J Morr UpOne (left) and Big Jinya (right). The lengthy tournament concluded at the Flag On The Moon 6 festival. Big Jinya finally faced off against one of his top three battle rappers in J Morr. Both men battled in the same rooms for many leagues over the years and never battled against each other until that night. There was a great sense of respect between the two competitors and in the footage, it was even said by both men.

Courtesy of @tillinfinitymultimedia

To some, the final match-up of J Morr versus Big Jinya was predictable. To others, it was a chance to learn more about the history of two well-seasoned veterans with close to sixty battles combined between the two. Prior to Flag On The Moon 6, J Morr won easily against Preme while Jinya came back against Will Jung in a split decision win. The finals had bragging rights, two thousand dollars, and a title belt on the line. The battle definitely lived up to its expectations. What these two battle rappers did in the battle further solidified the greatness that is Richmond battle rap and gives new fans insight into how the Richmond battle rap scene is. You can find the battle rappers on Instagram @bigjinya804 and @jmorr_upone .

Written by: Jay Guevara @justinhisprime on all social media.

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