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J.U.S. Music Video for "Lamb Chops" Entertains To The Last Bite

J.U.S & Quentin Ahmad DaGod trade bars on this wordplay-filled boom-bap track produced by Profound79, directed and produced by Brandon Damon of Aux Cinema. The beat has a cartoonish ominous energy to it, complemented by well-placed wordplay on behalf of both emcees. The song is full of references to food, lamb chops, Marshawn Lynch's "chicken" quote, and 90s nostalgia. The two verses lyrically parallel one another, the second referencing similar things as the first, creating a great synergy that will no doubt give it replay value.

Editing the song seemed to be no easy task, with so many angles and different camera effects being used that really give the video a dynamic and exciting look, it is fun to watch, through and through.

"My fox fine like '96 Vivica, my pockets fat like '99 Shaq."

"My bitch bad like '98 Nia, do hair, stuff bricks in the Kia."

"...And the kush same color as a Kobe Bryant jersey/Call the same number guarantee that bitch workin'"

"Plus the work same color as a Chris Webber jersey, don't fuckin' move, nobody get murdered."

The song comes from the Bruiser Brigade Records' recent compilation album TV62, which also has notable tracks from Danny Brown.

Lamb Chops is a memorable masterclass in how to make verses live with one another, and it should not be missed.

Stream Lamb Chops on all platforms and on Bandcamp here.

Written by Max Olarinde, @mobeige1 on all social media.

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