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Jay Fade Is Running Up "Coke Numbers"

The South Jersey emcee Jay Fade delivers chilling stories in his newest visual for Coke Numbers. Jay starts the video off in the cold night streets rapping about how he'll overcome the pressure. He also states that whatever his competition is talking about, he is doing it on a greater scale with the line "if they're talking coke numbers, then I'm a living product". The visual starts out with shots of a cold and dark Jersey night that Jay shined in and around 1:28, the beat switch was the catalyst for a beautiful shift in the video with brighter hues in a cloudy background. Like what Jay Fade says before the song starts, this is something that you'll feel. When the beat switched happened, Jay Fade's delivery became more emphatic where he raps about changing his life because he can and run it up because there are no limits to what he can accomplish. Overall, this is a well-delivered piece of work from Jay Fade and the producers Ice Cold and DK the Punisher. You can stream the song on Apple Music and all streaming platforms.

Keep up to date with the Jersey rapper on Instagram @twofiveos and Twitter @JAY_FADE . Cop his merch featured in the visual.

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