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Jay Macadocious And HoldingGold Take "Flights at Dawn"

This single takes you on a vibe that will make you wanna binge club hoop for the weekend. Jay Macadocious flow and delivery catch you from the jump. It‘s a well-defined catchy song. From the initial lines, Jay grabs listeners with his upbeat vocals singing, “flights at dawn but I’m rolling up.” His voice will keep you locked in for the rest of the song. Holdingold's hook is the highlight of the track for me. After Jay's great verse Gold‘s hook is literally gold. He sings, “roll up, roll out of bed trying figure out how I made it to the morning.” This track on many levels is exciting and refreshing. I also love Jay's a cappella at the end as it's a nice display of bars to wrap up this dope banger. Big shout out to the producer John Wehmeyer.

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