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JayR Rashiq Runs To The Money In Newest Video "Help Me"

JayR Rashiq is a Yonkers native that's known to pluck emotional chords to string together unique compositions. With prior albums such as Party In A Casket and Trap Mic Jack, JayR knows how to utilize his melodies to paint a picture. In the YouTube description, Jay discussed the process of recording the song as such: "everything felt so natural. After hearing it back, once the song was complete... I felt a feeling the world needed to feel, with the help of a vision the world needed to see."

The ominous visual was shot by Frank Sebastion. The video was shot in blue hues and dark shadows as a way to depict JayR's deeper sadness as he can't help but use the hustle to ease internal scars. Some of the challenges he describes involve loved ones switching against him and a lover disappearing after reaffirming that she'll be by his side. Although she isn't in the picture, she can't help but not ignore him no matter how much she wants to. She can't help it even though JayR moved on, even at times when he wants things back the way it was before.

JayR Rashiq can be found on all social media @JayRrashiq

Written by: Jay Guevara @justinhisprime on all social media.

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