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Jiggy Min Is "Certified" Everywhere

Jiggy Min is a Norfolk, VA rapper with charismatic energy which makes him Certified everywhere he goes. His sound can be described as Traptastic like the Eastern Virginia festival that celebrates that music genre. It's the first single for his upcoming EP Angel Boy. In the blackshoesfilms video, he makes the work he does in the trap and studio look easy. There's a heartwarming shot where Min and some kids are playing with the production software in the studio, enjoying the sounds they're making.

Jiggy Min floats over the production with a head nodding bubbly flow spitting lines like "Jiggified never been too petrified, baby I'm certified. 7-5 jigga from the Norfolk tide, tell them slick I'm certified..." and "I know the racist who wants me to die, colors gone always be colors to them, I don't need guns, I know I'm a shooter, I ain't no 12 but I know I'm a ruler, studio kitchen I'm steady cooking, radio tripping like Cuba Gooding, burn up the gates they keeping, been on the rise no peaking, been on a high still tweaking..." The first verse covers how he faces the challenges of racists out in Norfolk along with having to constantly look over his shoulder to make sure no one throws off his plans.

The second verse contains the take-home message of the song "It’s in my bones to be bonafide, sexy was my definition, now I just pray to be more defined..." Certified isn't just a message to the 757 that he's good everywhere he goes; it lets the scene know that he's just starting.

Stream Certified on all platforms and follow him on all social media @jiggymin

Written by: Jay Guevara. @justinhisprime on all social media.

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