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Jim Jones, Hitmaka, and BEAM Unite For A Banger In “Gunshot”

Harlem heavy-hitter, Jim Jones and Chicago-bred producer, Hitmaka have released “Gunshot” (featuring BEAM)-- the first song from their upcoming collab album,"Status Update," and it belongs on your hardest NYC playlist. Heres why:

Hitmaka (fka Young Berg) lives up to his production moniker on this one serving up NYC-anthem vibes sampling the KRS-One classic, "Step Into a World (Rapture's Delight)". Jamaican-American rapper, BEAM takes over on the hook and immediately sets the tone with his distinct Island flow. New York has always been in tune with Jamaica and vice versa-- this record blends their two influences perfectly. Capo keeps it Caribbean starting his verse with, "Rude boy might lick a shot 'pon em," and proceeds to walk all over Hitmaka's head-nodding production until the verse abruptly and dramatically transitions to the somewhat sinister hook and makes me think whats possible for the visual recently filmed in Miami's Little Haiti neighborhood.

Jones is at the top of his game spitting flows that just work. The bars are powerfully simple and emphatic; they are undeniably New York--just like the soundscape. He has all the Harlem bravado and humor we've come to know and love from his Dipset collective's heyday talking,"...rocking all my jewels in the Gaza. You know I'm good with all the killas and the shottas dem,' so tell em' be cool before I throw something hot at them." He later nods to fellow Harlem hustler, Puff Daddy and the late BK bully Biggie Smalls (also Jamaican-American) when he says, "I'm finna do it Big, where Diddy at? Throw some ice in the sky; bring Biggie back." This track feels so golden-era NY I half expect Biggie on the remix. "Gunshot" is a certified smash and definitely has me anxiously awaiting "Status Update."

Status Update is set to release this fall via EMPIRE.

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Written by: Zach Kirby @itskirbs804

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