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Joe Sweatpants, Formerly Known As Tru Speech, Is "On The Moon"

Joe Sweatpants, formerly known as Tru Speech, released another single known On The Moon. This is the first song officially under the new moniker Joe Sweatpants. This isn't the first time he went under this persona as he rapped as the moniker in his last album Getting Out The Bed Is Hard in late 2019.

On The Moon features JustHeaven and JaneyRox, which were previously featured on his previous single Nodding. Nodding and On The Moon are complete parallels of each other. Compared to the ominous, methodical electronic sounding music that Nodding brings, On The Moon has more of an upbeat, acoustic sound to bring a happy-go-lucky feel when a person is in a sense of euphoria with another person on a date or gathering. The Japanese cherry blossoms within the artwork are a metaphor for Joe's upcoming album Kioku dropping later on in the year, which includes several Japanese themes within his music.

You can follow Joe Sweatpants on all social media @joesweatpants and The singers featured are JaneyRox, @janeyrox on Instagram, and @QuirkyJERK on Twitter, and JustHeaven @heavenbodynaturals_ on Instagram.

Written by: Jay Guevara. @justinhisprime on all social media.

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