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Joe Sweatpants "Kioku" Reflects On His Love Life

Joe Sweatpants is an Inland Empire emcee that knows how to articulate his feelings in a hypnotic and reserved manner. Kioku is a seven-track project he worked on in the previous year that blends Japanese and American sounds to describe the ups and downs he dealt with his lover. Kioku was mostly produced by anime screenwriter and award-winning producer Amateur Genius. Each song tells a different point of the story between Joe and the woman whether he's drinking his sorrows away on Nodding Off, confessing his deep love for her on American Girl, or feeling lucky to be with this woman in On The Moon. It's a smooth fifteen-minute project to listen to. The project only contains one feature and that's on the bonus track Look Up featuring Nicklaus Gray, produced by Grammy Nominated producer Nabeyin.

Listen to the song on Apple Music and Spotify.

Written by: Jay Guevara. @justinhisprime on all social media.

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