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Johnny Brown's "Paper Chase" Is A Slow-Burn Single With Attitude

LA-based artist Johnny Brown has released his newest single, Paper Chase, a slow, piano beat guiding Johnny Brown's braggadocio. After the first listen I was instantly reminded of Eazy-E in Boyz- N- The- Hood. The slow flow, the ease of the delivery, the brash, unflinching subject matter, all colliding to form a mixture that you can't help but bob your head to. This is Johnny Brown's second released single, the first being the song Gitchy featuring Sosa Va, both singles have been released in October of 2021.

Notable Lines:

"You don't wanna take a trip to meet Satan, I'm just sayin', this nigga scary like Freddy, like Jason."

"Tried to run it back, well bitch ain't no restartin', tried to ride the wave but the ship already departed."

Follow Johnny Brown @officialjohnnybrown_ on IG and @hollwywoodbrown_ on Twitter.

Stream Paper Chase here on all platforms.

Written by Max Olarinde, @mobeige1 on all social media.

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